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       Visions Of The Cross, Inc. is a multi-level social model treatment program that includes a faith-based therapeutic community. Our residential and outpatient programs focus on healing from addiction, using both faith-based and evidence-based secular approaches.

     Visions also understands a safe environment is crucial to the recovery process. Sober transitional housing combined with outpatient treatment provides safety while strengthening the ability to make positive changes supportive of long-term recovery, health and wellness.

     Statistics confirm that treatment is a vital and necessary step to breaking the cycle of addition and abuse. Known for its therapeutic community and huge support system, Visions focuses on recovery-oriented practice. Through a hands-on, non-religious approach, but never denying the power of faith to help a person change, Visions of the Cross treats each person with the utmost dignity, respect, and compassion. Treatment is individualized to meet personal needs at all levels of care.

Treatment Approaches:

► Faith-Based Approach
► Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
► Enhancing Motivation For Change
► Trauma-Informed Care
► Solution-Focused Therapy
► Didactic Presenations
► Evidence-Based Curriculum
► Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT)

      Visions believes that high success rates are largely due to the quality of expertise and care implemented in the provision of services. Our staff specializes in client-centered treatment and utilizes a variety of therapeutic approaches to co-occurring disorders. We offer gender-specific treatment to best help men and women recover. Our staff is dedicated to family restoration and the urgency of assisting individuals in transition back to their families, loved ones and community.


Our high success rate is due to the ability to provide multiple levels of care. Many individuals and families have found restoration through our evidenced-based faith approach. Visions of the Cross has become known as an organization that is centered in hope, healing and empowerment.

Since 2008, Visions’ graduates have found restoration
for themselves and their families.
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